Student Storage

If you are a student studying in Plymouth and looking for storage over the summer months we can offer cost effective storage options. Our storage offers are open to all students with NUS cards studying at any of Plymouths Universities or Colleges.Using our Student Storage Deal is a terrific way of storing up to 10 items or if you need help with transport. Alternatively rent your own individual storage unit at a discounted rate.

Student Storage Deal – Only £120

We have been running our successful Student Storage Deal for over 10 years.

How the Deal Works.

  1. Call or email us to book your Student Storage Deal.
  2. We will then deliver 10 empty boxes for you to pack your belongings into.
  3. Call us to arrange collection of your packed boxes.
  4. We’ll then collect your full boxes and store them in our dry secure warehouse.
  5. We include £1,000 of Insurance Cover.
Need storage for more than 12 weeks?

We are happy for you to store your boxes for more than 12 weeks. Each additional week is charged at £6.

Need to store items other than boxes?

We are happy for you to substitute items such as bikes and surfboards for boxes.

Have more than 10 boxes to store?

We are happy for you to store up to an additional 5 boxes. The additional charge is £0.64 per box per week.

Need boxes delivered at the end of the summer?

We can arrange redelivery within Plymouth at the end of the summer for only £25 and elsewhere in the UK from as little as £75. Call or e-mail us with your delivery address. 

Great Deals on Storage Units

If you would prefer to store your belongings in your own locker or get together with friends to rent a unit we can offer 15% discount on our standard storage rates to all students with a NUS card throughout the year. You will also receive a 15% discount on boxes and packaging materials.

We can help moving your gear into storage just give us a call to arrange our man and van service.

To book or discuss your storage requirements please give us a call or email us.

*Additional charges apply for re-delivery.


Years of experience has taught us that cheap boxes are a real headache for our customers; often collapsing when stacked or breaking under the weight of their contents. However, using strong and sturdy boxes ensures you can stack and store them easily within your unit making the best use of your space. So, we only sell quality packaging materials to box-up and protect your belongings.


Small Box(457 x 333 x 333mm) £2.60
Large Box (457 x 457 x 500mm) £3.80
Long Box (914 x 457 x 250mm) £4.80
Tall Box (457 x 457 x 750mm) £4.20
Archive Box (400 x 340 x 260mm)£3.00
Wardrobe Box (508 x 451 x 1220mm) £10.20


Single Mattress(2184 x 1016 x 356mm)£4.20
Double Mattress (2210 x 1374 x 356mm)£4.80
King Mattress(2286 x 1930 x 356mm)£5.40
Chair (1930 x 1168mm)£4.20
Sofa (2184 x 1143mm)£4.80

Protective Wrap & Tape

Small Roll of Bubble Wrap(5m)£2.70
Large Roll of Bubble Wrap (100m) £36.00
Void Fill (1.25 cubic ft.) £3.60
Ream of Packing Paper(5kg)£6.00
Parcel Tape£1.20

Delivery Charges

Items are on sale at both our storage sites and we are happy to delivery any orders of £100 or more in the Plymouth area for free.