10% off packaging redeemable throughout May and June

Summer is one of the busiest times of the year for people to move house so as it approaches and people begin to pack we’re offering 10% off all of our packaging products throughout May. Whether you’re a student clearing your room for the summer or you’re moving to your dream house then our voucher can help you get started.

From cardboard boxes to wardrobe boxes and dust covers, we sell a variety of packaging products in all different sizes so that your belongings are safe and secure. This offer is redeemable to all, not just Plymouth Self Storage customers. Take a look at our packaging products, we can even deliver them to you so you can get started straight away.

Simply present this voucher to a member of staff before or on 30th June 2016, either on paper or online, to claim your offer. You can download your printable voucher here. Please contact us or see a member of staff for further details.



Spring cleaning: How to prepare your winter wardrobe for summertime storing

clothes storageStoring your winter wardrobe is a fantastic way to make more space and to declutter your life. Packaging up all the thick coats, furs and knitwear that won’t make an appearance in the summer months can mean you have less clothes to look through when finding something to wear, and it means you can buy new items for your summer wardrobe. We can assist you with secure, dry clothing storage but by following these tips you’ll be sure that your clothes remain fresh, crisp and in good condition.

1. Stains will be hard to remove after months of storage and could attract insects. Make sure your items are clean and dry before storing them.

2. If you’re storing clothing for only a few months then try to vacuum pack it. This will keep them fresher for longer but storing them this way for a long period of time might mean the fibres become damaged so will lose shape.

3. Expensive items and sentimental pieces such as wedding dresses or furs should not be vacuum packed as they may get damaged. Clothing bags are a good option for storing these as they won’t compromise the shape or fibres.

4. Store your heaviest clothing items at the bottom of your containers to prevent lighter items from losing shape under their weight.

5. Fold your knitwear. Hanging it for long periods of time may cause it to lose shape. Similarly hang suits and dresses, saving hanger space for shirts, blouses and jackets.

6. Plastic containers protect against external influences like insects and are much better than cardboard boxes.

7. When you remove your winter wardrobe from storage clean all of the items before wearing them to ensure they’re fresh and dry.

50% Discount Extended!

Due the success of our “50% off your first 3 Months” storage offer in March we are extending  it into April!

We are currently offering customers 50% off their first 3 months rental on move-ins before the end of April 2016

Offers applies at both our Plymouth sites . Call us now on 01752 331116 for further information on rates.

Booking online? Please note the rates shown on the online booking system are the standard unit rates. The 50% discount will be applied at Move-In.

*Offer open to new customers and current customers taking on new units only. Offer not to be used in conjuntion with other storage offers. Minimum rental term 1 month.

50% Discount on Your 1st 3 Months*

We are currently offering customers 50% off their first 3 months rental on move-ins before the end of March 2016.

Offers applies at both our Plymouth sites . Call us now on 01752 331116 for further information on rates.

Booking online? Please note the rates shown on the online booking system are the standard unit rates. The 50% discount will be applied at Move-In.

*Offer open to new customers and current customers taking on new units only. Offer not to be used in conjuntion with other storage offers. Minimum rental term 1 month.

Christmas Opening

Just a reminder to all our customer of our opening hours over Christmas

  • Christmas Eve – Monday 28th Dec: Closed
  • Mon 29th Dec – News Years Eve: 08.30am – Noon
  • News Years Day – Sunday 3rd Jan: Closed
  • Monday 4th Jan onwards: Normal Opening

Wishing all our customer a very Merry Christmas and peaceful New Year.

Keep Santa a secret this Christmas and store your presents before the big day

Opening Christmas presents is a thrilling part of the festive season so keeping those presents a secret is pretty important! Some kids will go snooping for their pressies the minute they see you coming home with big bags and boxes! Keep your children’s presents well away from the house and make sure that on the big day their faces light up with total surprise when Santa brings exactly what they asked for!

From storage units as small as 10 square feet, you can fit in a bike, several other big boxes, and anything they might be tempted to peek inside! Plus our minimum rental period is just one week so fear not late Christmas shoppers.

Given that our storage units are monitored by CCTV 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, you can guarantee the safety of the contents, and our clean, dry environments mean anything can be stored with us. You can even hide presents from your other half and parents too, popping along a few days before Christmas to wrap the presents in your storage unit!

Give us a call now or pop into one of our sites to find out how you can keep the Christmas magic!

Beat the weather to protect your seasonal items!

Winter is upon us and the cold is setting in! Although the weather has been relatively mild and dry so far this Autumn, we’re not convinced that it’s going to stick around through November (as nice as that would be)!

Summer is usually the time where we get out our bikes, scooters, trampolines and playhouses so we can make the most of the weather, but what’s going to happen to it all when the winter rolls in? Storing your children’s toys and outdoor garden furniture can prevent rust, damp, and bad smells (plus the garden will look even better under a blanket of snow!).

Storing children’s toys

During the turn of the weather it’s best to think about what toys your children won’t play with during the winter months and what takes up a lot of space. Storing items like paddling pools, swing sets and slides can free up so much space and keeps them protected for next summer. We can help by storing items such as:

  • Bikes
  • Paddling pools
  • Swing sets
  • Slides
  • Trampolines
  • Electric toy cars
  • Playhouses
  • and anything else you might think of!

Storing garden furniture and ‘big boy toys’

Although you do get some pretty good waves in the winter, typically surfboards, kayaks and canoes are going to be out of use until the warmer weather. We have a variety of storage unit sizes so don’t worry about needing too much (or too little) space! You can store your garden furniture, your BBQ and your fire pit , all so it’s ready to go next year with no damage, no weathering and no damp patches!

Contact our friendly team to talk about your storage options or click to compare storage unit sizes and get a better idea of which one would suit your needs.

10% Off Van Hire

If you’ve made the right decision to store with us at Plymouth Self Storage, the next step is moving all of your belongings into our secure premises! Luckily we’ve thought of a way to help make the move easier – all Plymouth Self Storage customers now receive 10% off van hire!

And now in conjunction with Practical Car and Van Hire, any customers booking at least 35 square feet of space for 3 months or more can take advantage of our great partnership for free! You can use one of our trustworthy vans to help you move into our premises and start your tenancy. So get in touch with one of our team members for information.

If the idea of moving all of your belongings, or just a few heavy ones, brings dread, let us help you! Our sister company Hackworthy & Sons are professional removers. With Hackworthy there’s no minimum charge, plus at an hourly rate of just £47.50 it’s a great way to save the time and effort of moving the contents of your storage unit yourself.

From a single room to a 4 bedroom home, Hackworthy & Sons can offer a comprehensive removal service. Visit their website for more information or for a quick quote!

Summertime Storage is No Sweat!

Summertime bikeThe summer holidays are here and your house is full again no doubt! Your eldest is back from university, meaning there’s no way they’ll let you cram their room full of your family belongings and children’s toys! Plus, where are they going to put all of their stuff?

Don’t fret. It’s super easy to begin storing with us, it just takes one phone call and an assessment of how much space you’ll need. We have storage units in 22 different sizes too so if its just a few boxes or the contents of your garage, that’s no problem!

If you’re keeping your kids entertained with new bikes this summer and your garage is full to the brim with paint cans, the lawnmower and the swimming pool of one optimistic summer, pop things you don’t/won’t need into storage with us too!

It’s also a great idea to have a clear out before you store! Decluttering before you store with us will mean you need a smaller unit, keeping the price low and your home clutter free.

Give one of our lovely team members a call to find out more!

What benefits does storage have for your business?

From accepting deliveries to archiving confidential customer files, growing businesses can rely on Plymouth Self Storage to offer secure, inexpensive solutions to a number of problems. To maximise the benefits of storing with us your business can choose from 22 different unit sizes as well as take advantage of our rented office space, have us shred old files, and so much more!

We have a number of ecommerce businesses who also rely on us to store their stock and with no long-term commitment. When storing with us we can arrange shipment for you to anywhere in the world so this is  the simplest way to maximise your efficiency and ensure the correct items are getting to the right customers.

It makes sense for companies to store both financially and aesthetically because it can look pretty disorganised having files strewn everywhere within your office. Clients may even be deterred by it! Having a personal archiving service can not only declutter your work environment it could also free extra space for more staff.

If your old files are no longer useful to you, just let us know and we’ll take care of shredding the paperwork. In just 3 simple steps we’ll take the worry out of disposing of all  your documents by providing you with a waste management sack, getting you to bundle your old documents in, and giving you a receipt confirming the files have been destroyed. Easy and hassle free!

Contact a member of our team to discuss your business needs or pop down and meet us, no need to make an appointment.