Spring cleaning: How to prepare your winter wardrobe for summertime storing

clothes storageStoring your winter wardrobe is a fantastic way to make more space and to declutter your life. Packaging up all the thick coats, furs and knitwear that won’t make an appearance in the summer months can mean you have less clothes to look through when finding something to wear, and it means you can buy new items for your summer wardrobe. We can assist you with secure, dry clothing storage but by following these tips you’ll be sure that your clothes remain fresh, crisp and in good condition.

1. Stains will be hard to remove after months of storage and could attract insects. Make sure your items are clean and dry before storing them.

2. If you’re storing clothing for only a few months then try to vacuum pack it. This will keep them fresher for longer but storing them this way for a long period of time might mean the fibres become damaged so will lose shape.

3. Expensive items and sentimental pieces such as wedding dresses or furs should not be vacuum packed as they may get damaged. Clothing bags are a good option for storing these as they won’t compromise the shape or fibres.

4. Store your heaviest clothing items at the bottom of your containers to prevent lighter items from losing shape under their weight.

5. Fold your knitwear. Hanging it for long periods of time may cause it to lose shape. Similarly hang suits and dresses, saving hanger space for shirts, blouses and jackets.

6. Plastic containers protect against external influences like insects and are much better than cardboard boxes.

7. When you remove your winter wardrobe from storage clean all of the items before wearing them to ensure they’re fresh and dry.

Keep Santa a secret this Christmas and store your presents before the big day

Opening Christmas presents is a thrilling part of the festive season so keeping those presents a secret is pretty important! Some kids will go snooping for their pressies the minute they see you coming home with big bags and boxes! Keep your children’s presents well away from the house and make sure that on the big day their faces light up with total surprise when Santa brings exactly what they asked for!

From storage units as small as 10 square feet, you can fit in a bike, several other big boxes, and anything they might be tempted to peek inside! Plus our minimum rental period is just one week so fear not late Christmas shoppers.

Given that our storage units are monitored by CCTV 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, you can guarantee the safety of the contents, and our clean, dry environments mean anything can be stored with us. You can even hide presents from your other half and parents too, popping along a few days before Christmas to wrap the presents in your storage unit!

Give us a call now or pop into one of our sites to find out how you can keep the Christmas magic!

Removals into storage with Hackworthy & Sons and SP Cocks

To develop on the Hackworthy removals brand, Plymouth Self Storage was born as a sister company to Hackworthy & Sons. We noticed that there was room in the South West for a self-storage company who offered a full range of business and personal storage, not to mention student storage, office space and archiving, along with other business services!

Hackworthy began leasing and then bought our 32,000 square foot central site just on the outskirts of the city centre, to give the best access to routes in and out of Plymouth. Then we quickly developed the Plymouth Self Storage brand and launched a second storage site too. Just on the outskirts of the A38 this time with a capacity of 35,000 square foot! We pride ourselves on the security of effects at all times so a purpose built company joining the Hackworthy empire was the perfect decision.

Hackworthy and SP Cocks are two thirds of this successful family business with Hackworthy & Sons initially starting as a parcel courier firm, delivering goods safely to their destination. The only thing that’s really changed is the type of the items being couriered! Hackworthy noted in 1976 that in order for the business to continue to grow they must diversify and offer different services so in that same year they began moving furniture and it naturally turned into offering a removal service. All over the South West Hackworthy were moving families, couples and just about everyone into new homes, flourishing in the market and becoming one of the most trusted and well-respected removal firms in the area. To this day, Hackworthy still are.

Similar to Hackworthy, our other sister company SP Cocks is a trusted removal business in Cornwall who has always been a leader in its market. SP Cocks built a great reputation that it continues to build to this day by offering great service and value for money!

We made the link from removals into storage because it became apparent that storing unwanted items, delicate items or even duplicate items was necessary. We can offer storage solutions for customers who want to decorate their new home before they fill it with extra furniture for example or we can offer a ‘de-clutter’ service – storing your excess furniture so you can fully show off your home to encourage a sale. Short-term or long-term storage, whatever the size unit, we can offer you a removals or transport solution! Just call us, Hackworthy or SP Cocks to discuss your requirements.

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Logistics of moving in together

So you’ve found the one and you’re moving in together? That’s great and it’s a pretty exciting time!

You get to find the place you’d love to put down your roots, to pick your own décor and enjoy the benefits of cohabitation! You’re more than likely spend hours making sure your new home is beautifully decorated and every detail is painstakingly attended to then all that is left to do is unpack all your things and make the first cup of tea!

But you’ve got 2 kettles? And then you remember that you have 2 toasters, and 2 microwaves, and… you think a pattern might be developing!

In all the excitement and flurry of finding your new home, you’ve packed absolutely everything and now, not only are there two of all the basics, but there’s not enough room for you to keep all of the extras at home!

tape-measure-sliderFear not, Plymouth Self Storage can store all of your excess belongings. We’ll even store all of your childhood memories that you never had the heart to throw away! Here at Plymouth Self Storage we have 22 different unit sizes, so all you need to do is get in touch with our lovely team to see which unit will be best for your needs.

On top of this we offer unlimited access during our opening hours so that you can move your things in immediately. You don’t have to make a long-term commitment; You can rent for just 3 days if you like and you don’t pay for the days you don’t use, so if you rent for 1 month and only use 3 weeks you won’t be charged for the remaining week.

Our facilities are monitored 24 hours a day by our CCTV systems so don’t worry if your kettle breaks at home, your spare will be safe with us. Get in touch with our dedicated Plymouth Self Storage team to discuss your needs or pop in for a chat!

The Evolution of Self-Storage

The Chinese invented the concept of self-storage around 6000 years ago. The concept revolved around clay storage pits in which valuables would be buried and then watched by full-time guards. There have been a lot of security and tech advancements since then, and thankfully now your possessions are much safer.

Storage has changed mostly in the way that security is handled (and we generally avoid burying our possessions in clay pits nowadays). Although the traditional use of a lock and key is still the most used security measure for self-storage, the rise in technology over the last decade has really aided the self-storage industry.  High-tech storage solutions are now being offered that are entirely computer operated. Tenants are prompted to enter passkeys into a key code receiver, meaning that storage units are just as safe as credit cards are.

Similarly security has been tightened in regards to who can actually wander around storage buildings. Tenants don’t have free roam of the long, maze-like corridors that are often found inside storage buildings, and instead usually only have access to certain areas, doubling security. In general though the nature of security changes depending on what’s being stored.

Storage changes massively through the development of new technologies and around every 5 years it’s advised that storage companies update their security systems. This is as well as undertaking routine maintenance and it helps to keep the systems fresh while making sure the customer is reassured that their belongings are safe.

The basics of self-storage haven’t changed but the level of security protecting peoples’ possessions has advanced significantly. If you’re looking to store your belongings and want to discuss options, get in touch with out friendly team.